Dear miner friends,

How’s it going with you all? Ready for more exciting news with OXBTC this week? Let’s find out now!!



At the end of last year, OXBTC started its operations of cloud mining farms in 3 different locations in China. With the surging of global users and business expansion from Bitcoin mining to Litecoin mining, and now Ether mining, OXBTC has since been introducing the most updated mining rigs and expanding its farms to meet all the demands.

And now we are proudly announcing that – the world’s largest Bitcoin/Ether mining farm has been unveiled by OXBTC. OXBTC’s mining farms cover a total area of over 200 acres, running away 10 PetaHash Bitcoin cloud hashrates and 30 GigaHash Ether cloud hashrates – a brand new and innovative cloud service to follow the trend for Ethereum.

To celebrate the expansion of our mining farmst, we are glad to present to you together today the brand new Bitcoin mining contract – OXBTC GHS04!!

You are gonna love its ULTRA-LOW PRICE at ONLY:

$189 per THS!!!

And the maintenance fee is as low as $0.6 per THS per Day!!


The bigger surprise is that there’s UNLIMITED SUPPLY for it!!! All of you no longer need to get up early to grab some stocks. The world’s largest Bitcoin/Ether mining farm definitely has enough capacity to support your bulk purchase.

Even better news for you is we strike a new deal with the local power suppliers which will further cut down the power costs. And it means you will enjoy an EVEN LOWER MAINTENANCE FEE in the near future!!



Ethereum cloudhash contract must have surprised you last week right? With its unbeatable price AS LOW AS –

$37.9 per MHS!!

And NO maintenance fees!!


This is something not even close to possible if it’s not for our own independent Bitcoin/Ether mining farms which just became the world’s largest ones.

We know how much you like the new contract as we’ve been FLOODED with orders since it’s released a week ago!! During the last week, thousands of MHS were sold to mine Ethereum for you!

Well … Don’t hesitate any longer for an amazing cloud mining contract like that!! It will guarantee the FASTEST ROI for you all!


Lear more details about the world’s largest Bitcoin/Ether mining farms on:


Facebook: OXBTC (https://www.facebook.com/oxbitcoin/)

Twitter: @oxbitcoin

See you soon!!!