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Have you received the surprise we released last week? Bitcoin price saw a slight drop last weekend. Many fans speculated that a bull market may come soon. How about you? Faced with enormous risks and temptations, investing varieties of financial products will be a winning choice. Now, OXBTC is offering more options for your cryptocurrency investment.




After we released the new Ether mining contract last week, it has gained great popularity among you guys. Many of you have tasted the fresh fruit and gained handsome ROI already!. All you need is to join us in the investment of ONLY –

$37.9 for 1MHS

Then you can earn good and reliable returns!

Until now, our ETHEREUM CloudHash contract has achieved sales of thousands of MHS during the past 5 days. All of our staff were excited about your enthusiasm. Your trust drives us to provide better services and products for your ROI.

To give you a heads-up, at present, purchasing and allocating mining income of ETHER cloud contract are settled by Bitcoin. But mining Ether directly will be available within the month. At that time, you can mine Ether every day.

Don’t forget to share this news with your friends: there is a good chance that you can mine coins with very LOW prices and NO maintenance fees. Compared with Bitcoin Hashpower, its time of ROI is SHORTER than that of Bitcoin, which means you can earn profits much easier! The earlier you start investment, the more time your money has to accumulate.


Our Big Secret Base — Mining Farms

A few weeks ago, to unlock all the mysteries, our boss led a professional filming team to take back all the footages of our mining farms (now we have an Ether farm under deployment too). Now all preparations have been completed and the “breaking news” for them will be released very soon!. Are you ready for the beautiful scenery of China’s largest Bitcoin mining farms? Behold!

Before that, let’s play a little game. Below is a picture of a corner in our mining farms. Do you know what it is? Take a wild guess!


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See you next week!