A New Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Product

Hello all OXBTC fans,

April has already begun. Did you receive any “surprises” on April Fool’s Day? We’ve prepared a BIG SURPRISE for you today!!


A New Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Product

We are planning to release a new cryptocurrency cloud mining product this week which has been mentioned in our news last week — “heatedly discussed recently”. Have you figured out what it is yet? Let us uncover the mystery of it. That is —



As many of you have already known, Ethereum is a public blockchain platform with programmable transaction functionality. At present, 1ETH= 0.026BTC, but its payback period, namely time of ROI is considerably SHORTER than that of Bitcoin, which means you can earn profits very sooooooooon!!

Finally!! The freshly baked Ether Contract is on the table waiting for all of you!! And there’s NO BETTER TIME than NOW to own some brand new cloud node when the Ethereum price is climbing up so fast!!

And there’s another good reason to invest now!! We told you that you will be AMAZED to find out the UNBELIEVABLE PRICES

ONLY $37.9/MHS!!

Are you surprised already?! As low as $37.9 for 1 MHS!! And NO maintenance fees!

Action is better than words. First come first served due to limited stock.

The best time to try something new in the CLOUD!! Still waiting? Go to www.oxbtc.com now!


Winners Unveiled…


“Show Screenshots of GHS03 You Purchased to Win Prizes” turned out to be a complete success! Many of OXBTC fans joined us on Facebook to share their Screenshots of GHS03 and we’ve chosen 6 of them who can win the wonderful prizes! Who are the lucky ones?

(1) 1st Prize (1 winner): El Ordinari;

(2) 2nd Prize (2 winners): Mango Yu; Sara Ouyang;

(3) 3rd Prize (3 winners): Jeverson Carvalho Borges; Jingjing Peng; ‎Candice Li;

For the above winners, please email us via your e-mail address and username at OXBTC to receive your prizes.

Still remember our awesome prizes?

Amazon gift card + Qualification to be our distributor directly

Feel upset that you missed this opportunity? Don’t be!! Follow our news closely. More chances are waiting for you!!


So much for this week and see you next week!

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