A SPECIAL OFFER with “A Price No One Can Compete With”

Dear miner friends,

How are you all?

The temperature is gradually increasing as spring sunshine is all over us. Bitcoin price has seen a climb too lately after a slight fluctuation last week. And in the perfect warmth of spring, we are bringing you a big surprise today!


A SPECIAL OFFER with “A Price No One Can Compete With”


Do you want to own some cloud mining service with the lowest price around the world? Here is the best choice for you!! You can enjoy perfect cloud mining services and an unprecedented price at OXBTC today!

What’s the lowest price you are asking? Let’s do a clear comparison of the prices from mainstream cloud mining platforms.


How obvious is that! AS LOW AS $149/THS!!!

This is an amazing price in the entire cloud mining market. It’s the best chance to make an investment in the convenient way of mining!

But remember, we will have a LIMITED SUPPLY of 5THS every day for OXBTC GHS03 – the special cloud mining contract with the world’s lowest price. And each OXBTC account can purchase a MAXIMUM of 100GHS every day so first come first served.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Don’t miss the chance before others drain the inventory!

Besides the promotional mining contract, we are also offering truly huge discounts on the currently sold OXBTC GHS02 contract. If you didn’t manage to grab some GHS03 with limited supply, it is a good opportunity to buy some GHSO2 too at such a big discount. Trading of hashrates on OXBTC market is available if you want to sell out your contracts FYIJ

This promotion will last for ONLY 10 days. Come to www.OXBTC.com right away and enjoy the future of cloud mining!


Mining Farms Unveiled Soon…

Many of you are very curious about our mining farms. Some friends even suggest to make a field trip to the farms that enable us to provide the most cost-efficient cloud mining contracts. To unlock all the mysteries, our boss led a professional filming team to take back all the footages so that you’ll have a clear view of our great farms. This blockbuster will be released to the public very sooooooon! Let’s hold our patience for a while.


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