Happy Women’s Day to all the female friends!

Hello dear fans!

Happy Women’s Day to all the female friends! Have you received any gifts or spent money to buy gifts for the girls? Don’t forget to express gratitude to your beloved wife and mother in this great celebration. Of course, choosing gifts always worries many friends. How about sending a Bitcoin – the most innovative invention? You can spend it directly or save it for future investment. Even more, an account with some hash rate is a another creative choice. This account will bring benefits to you every day.

And where to find those awesome gifts? OXBTC.com!!


OXBTC SIGN UP to Win RED ENVELOPES is still ongoing

The promotion was supposed to end on March 6th but so many of you are still trying to win more red envelops by inviting new friends. Considering your increasing enthusiasm, we’ve decided to extend the promotion to March 20th!! So don’t miss the last two weeks!

SIGN UP with OXBTC (https://oxbtc.com/), and you will win a Red Envelope with 1-1000 GHS randomly in it;

Invite your friends to win EXTRA Red Envelopes:

-You will win 1 Extra Red Envelope for inviting 1-5 friends to sign up;

-You will win 2 Extra Red Envelope for inviting 5-10 friends to sign up;

-You will win 3 Extra Red Envelope for inviting >10 friends to sign up;

We are excited to see OXBTC users reaching 140,000, joined by all Zeus users. It is time to invite more people to experience the world’s highest Bitcoin ROI. Everyone has only one chance and don’t miss it again!

Don’t hesitate to share this good news to your friends. There are more surprises waiting for you.


Weekly Q&A

We have received many suggestions from all over the world last week. Thanks a lot for your advices to perfect our platform, and we will make the adjustments and update these as soon as possible. To better hear from all you guys, we opened a special Q&A column every week to track these suggestions or problems. Come to find your anwsers here.

1.Your web have a chaos when I open it on my android hand phone.

Answer: Mobile interface is awaiting development. Please stay tuned.

2.Can’t receive confirmation mail after registration last Tuesday.

Anwser: Since Zeus users have joined us last week, there was an unexpected increase in our email list. So the mail system was upgraded last Tuesday. And we have sent verification email again later. You should have received so far.

3.My phone does not support installation of Google Authenticator.

Answer: We are considering to change the settings which allows users to skip this step.


If you have any other suggestions of questions, please email us via support@oxbtc.com at any time.


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See you next week!