Announcement of Hash Market Close

OXBTC will close the hash market of the following mining contacts from February 8, 2018(GMT+8):

GHS_OX04, GHS-FEST, GHS-HOST01: These contract are during 0 profit period after manage fee & maintenance fee deducted, there’s possibility of termination in the future, so we decide to close the hash market of these contracts.

According to the contract rules, contract will be expired automatically when mining income cannot cover electricity cost for 10 consecutive days.

Please notice that these contracts(GHS_OX04, GHS-FEST, GHS-HOST01) will be expired if there’s no payout records for 10 consecutive days.

All the pending orders will be canceled automatically when the hash market is closed.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. OXBTC will continue to provide high-quality service for miners.

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