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This year is a leap year, so today – February 29th is a once-in-four-year special day! What are you going to do on this special day? A hint for you? How about a brand new journey with OXBTC?! We are having a special promotion and you will enjoy an extra day for the celebration of a new and profitable cryptocurrency investment platform. Did you notice that – Red Envelopes for Sign Up?


Red Envelopes for Sign Up is still ongoing!

A big promotion has been released for OXBTC launched last week—

Red Envelopes for Sign Up


For every new user of OXBTC, you could win a Red Envelope with 1-1000 GHS randomly in it after SIGN UP with OXBTC ( For all users, you could win EXTRA Red Envelopes by INVITING your friends to join us.

Until now, there are over ten thousand fans who joined us and tried their luck with the red envelopes. Some high-yield-pro investors have purchased GHS01 which have begun to mine for their own Bitcoins. And some prudent investors also have chosen fixed deposit to earn even more yields. It was a wise choice! Recently, Bitcoin prices have started to gain momentum again. OXBTC is definitely an amazing choice for you to pile up your Bitcoins.

But don’t forget, the promotion for Sign Up will finish in –

7 Days…

Hurry up to participate!  Sign Up to gain red envelopes! And invite friends to gain more bonuses!!!


OXBTC Distributor Recruitment Plan

We are bringing you more good news!!

First of all, we want to thank all of you for your support in our products & services! Your joining of OXBTC and invitation of your friends are what drive us move forward.

So the good news is we are going to invite you to become our distributor and let more people know us!!

You already know our normal REFER BONUS25% of your friend’s investment yields by inviting friends to join us.

Many of you have since joined the team of referring friends through social networks and win yourselves the awesome BONUS in Bitcoin! Because of this, OXBTC can even further!!


If you want to win A LOT MORE BONUSES, come to be our DISTRIBUTORS!!! More lucrative presents and bonuses are waiting for you!! And it will be an awesome chance to show your influence and popularity on social networks as well!! Tell people what Bitcoin is and let them know how to invest wisely!! You guys are very important parts in this!!

If you are interested in our DISTRIBUTOR RECRUITMENT PLAN and become a one of them, please reply and learn more about the bonus policy. You are welcome to share with us your successful experience too!

OXBTC needs you!! Let’s become partners in this great project!!

Please feel free to drop us a mail via if you have any questions!!!


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