Announcement of Bitcoin Hard Fork on OXBTC

To preparing for the upcoming bitcoin forks, OXBTC as a company is dedicated to building the application for Blockchain, and our purpose is to serve the best interests of each and every one of our customers. OXBTC does not and has no power to help users choose which kind of Bitcoin technology to adopt. Officially, OXBTC is preparing for the upcoming potential Bitcoin forks with the following policies:

  1. During the potential fork, from July 30th , 2017 to August 2nd, 2017(expected time), we will suspend Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals on July 28th, 2017 due to potential technical risks such as replay attacks and other issues that may cause network instability.
  2. If there is no fork, and the network is stable, we will resume Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.
  3. No users should deposit any Bitcoins during OXBTC’s suspension period. Otherwise, OXBTC will not be liable for any loss of values due to Hard Fork.

All of our users will experience and witness the historic moment of Bitcoin with OXBTC together. We believe that Bitcoin will be more vigorous with numerous collisions of ideas, market competitions and customer selections.


July 26th, 2017