Dear all OXBTC fans!

It has been 2 years since we released our first cloud mining contract and started to gain good reputation in this industry. Today, you can see a number of cloud hash platforms emerging around the world, and sadly Ponzi schemes are not rare. It must be confusing and even risky for a new comer if you know nothing about Bitcoin. Which one is really trustful? Which one provides lasting and more profits? Now, we are doing you a favor with a comparison of some mainstream platforms. (There may be some changes as we are taking real-time exchange rate.)

Platform Price Maintenance Fee Electricity Fee
HashFlare $0.12/GHS $0.44/THS/Day no
BW.com $0.22/GHS $0.26CNY/THS/DAY 38.87% of mining profit
Genesis Mining $0.18/GHS $0.35/THS/DAY no
OXBTC $0.089/GHS 10% of mining profit $0.35/THS/DAY

So it’s pretty clear which one of them you should choose! OXBTC has obvious advantages in terms of price, maintenance fee and electricity cost. In addition, as an industry veteran, OXBTC is also safe and reliable for your investment.

We also want to share with you an exciting news today that Zcash will be online soon in December! Benefited by our advantages with our own mining farm, our price will undoubted beat ALL global competitors!!  You can find out the price very soon.

Go to OXBTC now and feel free to share our anniversary promotion. So much for this week and see you next week!

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