RED ENVELOPES For SIGNUP & New Mining Contract Online!

Dear miner friends,

Happy Chinese New Year of Monkey to you all!!

We just had a long holiday for the Chinese Lunar New Year 2016. It’s a period of time when hundreds of million Chinese people rush back to their hometown from all directions of China for a big family gathering.

There are a lot of rituals in the Chinese tradition to celebrate the New Year and we are sharing with you one of them today to give our best wishes to you all!



A red envelope, which includes certain amount of “Fortune Money” in it, is a very common gesture for the elderly to express their wishes to the younger during the New Year. Married people will also give red envelopes to those who are not to wish them luck and fortune.

To celebrate the New Year and the launching of OXBTC – the world’s most profitable and diversified crypocurrency investment platform, we are sending out a lot of red envelopes to you all for your SIGNUP with OXBTC during the promotion period!!

The red envelopes we prepared for you include 1-1000 GHS randomly as a FREE GIFT for you!!

If you’ve already signed up, don’t worry! You can win red envelopes too by inviting your friends:

-You will win 1 Extra Red Envelope for inviting 1-5 friends to sign up;
-You will win 2 Extra Red Envelope for inviting 5-10 friends to sign up;
-You will win 3 Extra Red Envelope for inviting >10 friends to sign up;

The promotion will last for only 2 week until March 6th 2016 so don’t miss the chance for the cloud hashrates, and above all, the best luck in the New Year!


As you may have noticed, mining difficulty has witnessed a significant rise in the past few days, leading to the diminishing of your cloud mining income. We have gone to great lengths to help you out of this and today we have good news for you:


We present to you OXBTC GHS02, with the price AS LOW AS:

USD 0.399/GHS

And the maintenance fee is only: USD 0.00075/GHS/Day

You must have been thrilled! But we must remind you, as it is a specially deployed batch of cloud hashrates to fight against the mounting difficulty, there is LIMITED SUPPLY of only 500 THS!! So don’t hesitate before it’s too late!


Due to the mounting difficulty and fluctuation of Bitcoin price, we have to make a little adjustment of our interest rates for deposit investment to:

Expected Daily Interest for Current Deposit: 0.01%
Expected APY for Fixed Deposit: 7%

The expected daily interest rate for current deposit will be changed on the day we release the news and APY for fixed deposit will be changed at the same time for new buyers. For those who already invested in fixed deposit, the rate will be adjusted on your next term of deposit.

We will continue with our efforts to push up the interest for you.

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So much for this week!! Happy New Year again!