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Whether you’re concerned about the US presidential election or not, you must have been spammed by all the news. Last week, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton with a 290: 208 vote and became the 45th president of the United States. The result has led to an uproar among American people, and also politicians /stars who came out to state their dissatisfaction. Meanwhile, the dollar and crude oil prices fell. The election is sealed, however, and no one can deny that.

Besides the US presidential election, brexit is another major event this year. The final result showed that 51.9% of voters supported the Brexit; 48.1% chose to stay in the European Union. With the results of the referendum settled, the pound against the dollar fell to its lowest point since 1985. The original intention of the United States and British people is to change the current situation of the country, and no one expected such a depressing situation.

Things in the European Union will be more complicated through the whole year. France’s election, the Netherlands’ election, the Italian referendum, the German election, Austria’s re-election, each one is big news. How will those affect the world? Industrial experts analyze that Trump’s taking office will have profound impacts on the global economy, especially on currency devaluation. At this time, it is much safer to keep bitcoin than currency.

So does it have anything to do with OXBTC? Of course, like the people of India, you never know what will happen the next day – suddenly, the 500 and 1,000 denominations of the rupee will be void. Bitcoin once again attract most people’s attention, and the central bank also start to introduce blockchain technology. All the good news point to the prosperous bitcoin industry. And OXBTC is the “digger” of bitcoin, and our hashrate is “money printer”. It is definitely a good chance to make an investment especially when OXBTC has launched the anniversary special recently. Only 201T left for the big celebration, with a 10% discount to the usual price. Profits will be allocated to your account every day, and you can withdraw all your profits without any restrictions. We provide opportunities here for you to grasp it.

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