Dear all OXBTC fans!

Here come the 2nd anniversary of OXBTC and our BIG SPECIAL this week!

Last day we were thrilled to see the Bitcoin price reaching$680+, and with more blockchain technology developed and applied in every day life, the value of Bitcoin will be incalculable in the future. Therefore,investment in Bitcoin will be a wise choice right now and here is a perfect chance for all of you to make a wise choice!

Not only to celebrate the 2nd anniversary, we also want to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all of you for your longtime support.

Here are the details for our promotion.


  1. During the promotion, you will enjoy a 10% discount purchasing GHS-FEST contract. The price will be converted against real time exchange rate to Bitcoin/Litecoin, and the minimum purchase is 1THS;
  2. We have a limited supply of only 500THS for GHS-FEST so first come first served;
  3. Hashrates will be allocated to your account immediately after purchasing, and the PPS-based mining profit will be allocated to your account at 00:00 everyday;
  4. Please notice the orders can’t be canceled;
  5. OXBTC reserves the right of final explanation for this promotion;

Go to www.oxbtc.com and share our anniversary celebration. So much for this week and see you next week!


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