OXBTC User Survey Completed & 10 GHS Gift On The Way!

Dear all OXBTC fans!

How was your weekend? Hope it’s a good one.

Last week we released a questionnaire to all users in OXBTC, and we soon got 200 replies within only one day which is far beyond our expectation. So many thanks to all who have taken the survey. For those who didn’t get the chance to participate, please don’t feel upset as more promotions are going on. Just follow our weekly news and don’t miss the emails from our official account support@oxbtc.com.

All participants will receive 10GHS of GHS HOST-01 contract as a small gift within this week. Prizes are on their way, so just check your account shortly. And there were two participants who have put wrong email addresses (FrederikScharfqgmx.de, schastebts@gmail.com) registered with us. Please contact support@oxbtc.com and give us the correct information to get your prizes.


We feel strong enthusiasm and support from our users when we got so many replies of the questionnair from you guys. We are glad to see that most of you vote for us as the best cloud mining platform in the world, which means there is a important place for OXBTC in your heart. We are so happy to see this, and we will bring you more products with higher ROI.

Also, we received some suggestions from you too, and we’d like to give you some feedback. One of you said we should cancel transaction fee, but actually the 0.0002 BTC is charged by the Bitcoin network, not OXBTC. Many said we should show more about out mining farms and our team. Definately we will do more of this in the near future so that you can have a better view on us. As an ancient said, mirror will highlight your improper attire; study history can help you identify the cause for rise and fall; observe others’ conduct leads to successful interpersonal relationship, we take you as our mirror to do better. More suggestions have been taken by us, and thanks so much for your thoughts which mean so much to us. We will try our best to be an even better cloudhash hosting service provider.

So much for this week and see you next week!


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