Cloudhash Hosting Keeps Heating Up!

Dear all OXBTC fans!

Our brand new cloudhash hosting contract has seen increasing fever since it’s released. Good to know our efforts suit the best of your interests.

Hope you all like the video last week on our mining farms and an interview with the CEO, an awesome debut of him too. If you like it, you can join us in the following promotion:

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Mining Income Fluctuation 

Some of you have lately complained about a few fluctuations on the mining income of the hosting contract. And we’d like to take this opportunity to make an official explanation and brief you on the situations.

Even though PPS income distribution adopted by us, there still be existing phenomenon of hashrate fluctuation, and the hashrate income affected by hashrate. So far as it online, bitcoin and Eth hashrate income fluctuations can be explained as follows:

  1. Bitcoinmining – On August 16th , an accidental power outage in the mining farms led to 5 hours of downtime of all mining rigs. On August 21th, surging difficulty of the network stroke on the mining income;
  1. Ethmining- On August 11th, another outage led to 5 hours of downtime.

In addition, price fluctuations and the total hashrate of the network may lead to a certain degree of income fluctuation as well.

We’d like you to understand that our mining farms are located in Inner Mongolia of China, where a high temperature lasts through summer and therefore we are prone to malfunction of certain miners. But we are doing all we can to defend the overheat and cool the machines. Things will become better after September when the heat goes away. And we will continue with our efforts to guarantee the maximum of your ROI!

So much for this week and see you next week!


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