Dear all OXBTC fans!

Here we are again! Hope you’ve been enjoying our BRAND NEW CLOUDHASH HOSTING CONTRACTS(GHS-HOST01 & ETH-HOST01)released last week!

Because of our shift to cloudhash hosting services, cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the maximum benefits from mining and OXBTC will try our best to seek for low cost to maintain your cloud hashrates. We can tell your passion as we’ve seen surging hosting orders – with much lower price and running cost.

And of course those who have already been with us from our first cloud mining contracts are the last ones that we’ll leave behind. You have our gratitude for your long-term support in us and you should definitely have a better chance to try on the brand new hosting services!

That’s why this week, we are going to bring you a great OLD-FOR-NEW PLAN! Check out the simple rules for you to enjoy a higher ROI!




  1. The old-for-new plan applies to GHS01, GHS02, GHS03, GHS04 contracts, which can be converted to the new hosting contract by the following ratios:

GHS01:85%, GHS02:90%, GHS03:95%, GHS04:100%;

  1. Your current contracts will be converted into GHS-HOST01 contract with NO EXTRA PAYMENT, but a MUCH HIGHER ROI;
  2. The old hashrates you own will be deducted with the amount you’ve converted and the amount of GHS-HOST01 you own will increase accordingly by the converting ratio;
  3. The plan will last until Oct 30 2016;
  4. OXBTC reserves the right of explanation for this plan.

We believe this is a good chance for you to try our brand new cloudhash hosting contract, which runs with a much lower electricity cost and maintenance fee.

What are you still waiting for? Go to www.oxbtc.com now and convert your old hashrates into GHS-HOST01 for a MUCH HIGHER ROI!

So much for today and see you next week!


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