Dear miner friends,

All of us have recently witnessed the second halving of Bitcoin reward, a moment that will go into the everlasting Bitcoin history. We were there to see the first 12.5 BTC block was mined by F2Pool (the largest mining operation in the world) at 17:46 (GMT). When everyone was expecting that something bad would happen with Bitcoin halving, the results proved all of them WRONG! The entire community continued with the passion and faith in Bitcoin and other alter-coins though it’s harder now to mine Bitcoins.

If you are a little upset for the Bitcoin reward halving, OXBTC is right here for all of you!! As we told you last week, we’ve prepared an awesome gift for all OXBTC fans – Bitcoin and ETHER CLOUDHASH HOSTING CONTRACT!!!

What is Cloudhash Hosting?

  1. For cryptocoin fans – convenient, HIGH-yielding mining housekeeping services;
  2. For industry outsiders – a cryptocoin investment with LOW-threshold and HIGH ROI;
  3. For mining giants – a mining agency with VERY LOW electricity and maintaining costs;

With the brand new hosting contracts, OXBTC will serve as your housekeeper for mining cryptocoins. We offer the most cost-efficient mining equipment and run them for you. You can check out real time mining income from the mining pool, and OXBTC only charges 10% of your income as the maintenance service fees and provides a very low electricity cost so that you can mine even MORE!!

YES! Our brand new BTC&ETHER cloudhash HOSTING contract will be online in August. Are you looking forward to it and the awesome ROI? OXBTC now shifts to a pure mining service provider so you can have your own miners in the cloud!! Excited already?! Just patiently waiting for update!

So much for today and see you next week!


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