ETHER CloudHash Hosting Online Soooon!!

Dear all miner friends!

Great many thanks to all OXBTC users for your big support in our coupon promotion in the past few weeks, and we’ll continue our efforts to bring you more high-yielding investment products.

This week we’d like to share with you another good news – our brand new ETHER cloudhash HOSTING contract will be online soon. It will be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from what we’ve been offering!!

We decided to shift our business after serious consideration to hosting services as we wanted to give away the BIGGEST PROFITS to cryptocurrency fans so that you will continue with your faith in the industry and therefore we can prolong our services for your ROI. The best thing for HOSTING is that you own 100% of the MINING INCOME and OXBTC just charged a small part for our maintenance work. You can get a clear view of how much you’ve mined everyday because we will publicize the mining address for our hosting contract. It’s an INSANELY BOLD move that we decided to try so that all of you can take home the MAXIMUM PROFITS for mining. OXBTC will serve as a loyal housekeeper to ensure that your miners are running perfectly!

More details will be released within a week for our hot-baked hosting contract Let’s see the what’s special of this contract.


  • Transparency

OXBTC will publicize the mining address for our hosting contract so that all users can check out the real mining process and income for the cloudhash you’ve hosted with;

  • Convenience

You don’t have to buy a complete miner set which cost a lot more, but instead, you can enjoy a minimum purchase of hosted cloudhash – such a low threshhold even for green hands to take a try in;

  • High yield

You will get 100% of the mining income for the cloudhash you host with OXBTC. We will charge a small part (10%) for maintenance fees and then deduct on your behalf of a very low electricity cost. Your income will be settled daily.

Doesn’t this sound exciting?!! So stay with us for the new hosting contract on OXBTC!

So much for today and see you next week!


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