Dear all OXBTC fans!

Hope you’ve been enjoying our NEW USER COUPON GIVEAWAY released last week!

You must have been exciting too for the skyrocketing Bitcoin price in the past few days!! Hope you’ve earned some good money thanks to the bullish market!

Well we know there’s definitely MORE THAN THIS! The surging Bitcoin price has boosted the rise of ETHER as well!! We believe it’s a perfect time too for a lucrative investment in Ether! And OXBTC is right here for you!

ETH-MHS02 cloud mining contract was launched only a month ago and has since gathered a great many investors!

This time, we are going to bring you another ETH investmentproduct- ETHER CURRENT DEPOSIT!!



  1. Fund ETH into the wallet address of your OXBTC account;
  2. Interests (in ETHER) are settled daily from the second day of your deposit;
  3. Interests will be added to your principal for a compound calculation;
  4. Daily Interest: 0.01%;
  5. Safety & Credibility: SSL encrypted communication and multi-layer cold storage;


Sounds great, right? It gives you another option for saving your Ether and earn awesome interests with the DEPOSIT!!

Go to right away and fund ETH to earn your interests now!

So much for today and see you next week!


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