GHS-FEST Hash Market Opened!

Dear all OXBTC fans!

500THS of GHS-FEST has been sold out! Thanks so much for your support!

GHS-FEST contract has been on hot sale because of its favorable price and stable income since its launch.

Here’s a good news for you if you missed the chance and didn’t get GHS-FEST in your hand:

GHS-FEST hash market opened! Now you can trade your hashrates on hash market! Or buy some of them with even better prices!


Here’s some info about GHS-FEST contract:

Exp. Profit (before deducting fees): 0.00054573BTC/THS/Day;

Management Fee: 5% of mining profit;

Electricity Cost: $0.35/THS/Day;

Go get it now! Don’t miss it this time!

See you next week~


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OXBTC Deposit Contract & CloudHash Hosting Contract Fee Adjustment

In response to regulators’ requirement, OXBTC decide to adjust interest rate of deposit contract:

  1. Adjust current deposit interest rate from 0.001% to 0(cancel current deposit contract )
  2. Adjust fixed deposit interest rate from 8.5% APY to 5% APY;
  3. fixed deposit under contract period still got 8.5% APY till contract ended;

Here’s a good news, OXBTC decide to decrease management fee of cloudhash hosting contract in return for our fans:

  1. Adjust management fee from 10% of mining profit to 5% of mining profit;

Thanks so much for your trust and support.

Get first-hand information from:

Facebook: OXBTC (

Twitter: @oxbitcoin