New ETHER CloudHash Contract Released!

Dear all miner fans!

Hope you enjoy the $100 COUPONS GIVEAWAY in the past 2 weeks!

And this week, we’re going to share with you a great news!

ETH-MHS02 (1-year term)

Here comes a hot-baked new ETHER Cloud Mining contract- ETH-MHS02(1-year term) with the LOWEST PRICE you have ever seen:

$34.9 for 1 MHS !


And thanks so much for all of your trust that drives us to continuously provide better services and products for you! On the first day we released this new contract, we have already received thousands of orders for ETH-MHS02! Amazing! What makes investors so crazy about our FRESH NEW contract?

New Price: $34.9/MHS Unbeatable!

New Way: purchase with BTC/LTC and income allocated in ETH

New amount: Minimum purchase of  0.01MHS

New Specials: orders 1000MHS enjoy VIP-ONLY DISCOUNT

And Still: NO Maintenance Fee

Don’t forget: You can use COUPON CODES on our new contract too!

So what’re you still waiting for? Just click the button and hit the highest ROI on OXBTC!

So much for today and see you next week!


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OXBTC COUPON Frenzy Continues & ETHER CloudHash Specials

Dear miner friends,

Hope you’ve been enjoying our coupon frenzy started last week for OXBTC users before April 1st 2016! At least we’ve seen your passion through the surging orders!

Don’t forget that our $100 COUPONS  GIVEAWAY For OXBTC Early Users promotion is still going on until May 31st.Seize your opportunity in the last 2 weeks!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you can SHARE your coupon codes to ANYONE who need them, or new users who didn’t get a chance to win the coupons. Share with your friends, and let more of them join you in the fastest ROI!


ETHER Cloud Mining Specials

OXBTC officially released the new ETHEREUM CloudHash (ETH-MHS) last month, with the increasing popularity of ETHEREUM, and therefore provided a new investment option for all cryptocurrency fans.


The current price of ETH-MHS (one-year term) contract on OXBTC is only 37.9 USD/MHS with NO maintenance fee.

You can now purchase ETH-MHS with BTC and LTC on OXBTC and the income is allocated in BTC.  If you are hesitating that ETHER price may be fluctuating, returns in BTC for ETH-MHS gives you a more prudent investment option and a shorter period of ROI.

Now here comes another special policy for bulk purchase of ETH-MHS – for orders over 100MHS, the hashrates can be allocated to your own account, and you can enjoy a VIP-ONLY DISCOUNT too! Please contact VIP service Skype: oxbtc_service for more details. Best time EVER for your investment!

So much for today and see you next week!


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Dear all OXBTC fans!

Didn’t get a chance to win prizes for our Facebook promotion last week? Here comes an even better prize for you!

Guess you are curious already about what good news we may bring to you this time!

Let’s check it out!


$100 COUPONS For All OXBTC Users Before April 1st 2016!


Duration: May 10th – May 31st 2016


  1. ALL OXBTC users registered before April 1st 2016 will get over $100 COUPONS to purchase GHS04 and ETH-MHS01 cloud mining contracts;
  2. The coupons will be allocated to “Coupons” of your personal account in the form of COUPON CODES, which can be sent to your friends. But each coupon code can be used only ONCE and for ONE ORDER accordingly:

GHS04 Orders:

  • $3 coupon, applicable for orders≥100GHS;
  • $20 coupon, applicablefor orders≥500GHS;
  • $45 coupon, applicablefor orders≥1000GHS;

ETH-MHS01 Orders:

  • $5 coupon, applicablefor orders≥5 MHS;
  • $25 coupon, applicablefor orders≥20 MHS;

Coupons expire on: May 31st 2016 (GMT+8)


What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go to to get your own $100 COUPONS!


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Good News After The International Workers’ Day

Dear all OXBTC fans!

How are you? Time to share with you our weekly updates!

We here in China just had a great 3-day-break for the International Worker’s Day!

Hope you had a great and relaxing time too for the global celebration of all working people! Now let’s start with our great news this week. You must remember our little promotion on Facebook last week. We are going to release the winning list today!



Let us remind you of the simple rules to win great prizes:

LIKE @OXBTC on Facebook and SHARE the latest post “World’s Largest Bitcoin/Ether Mining Farm Unveiled by OXBTC” with your COMMENT on the prospects of Bitcoin.

And thanks so much to all OXBTC fans for your passion, we had so many of you participating.

Now, let’s see who are the lucky ones?

1st Prize (1 in total): Mango Yu;

2nd Prize (3 in total): jingjing peng; Candice Li; Muhammad Bukhori;

3rd Prize (5 in total): Len Zandbergen; I Macros; Geo Andrade; Rácz László; Shaun Ladewig.

Still remember our awesome prizes?

1st Prize (1 in total): 1 MHS ETH-MHS01(1-year term).

2nd Prize (3 in total): 5mBTC.

3rd Prize (5 in total): 3mBTC.



If you didn’t get the chance to win prizes, there’s another piece of good news for you!


Special Discount for All Old Customers!

In last few weeks, we released 2 new cloud mining contracts with unbeatable prices:

OXBTC GHS04: $189 /THS + $0.0006 per GHS for the maintenance fee!!

ETH-MHS01 (1-year term): $37.9/MHS + NO maintenance fee!!

For all existing OXBTC users, here comes the good news! If you registered with OXBTC before April 1st 2016, you can enjoy a 10% discount for our most popular products — OXBTC GHS04 & ETH-MHS01 in the next few days!

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and enjoy the awesome discount now as a loyal OXBTC user!


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