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How are you?!

This year is a leap year, so today – February 29th is a once-in-four-year special day! What are you going to do on this special day? A hint for you? How about a brand new journey with OXBTC?! We are having a special promotion and you will enjoy an extra day for the celebration of a new and profitable cryptocurrency investment platform. Did you notice that – Red Envelopes for Sign Up?


Red Envelopes for Sign Up is still ongoing!

A big promotion has been released for OXBTC launched last week—

Red Envelopes for Sign Up


For every new user of OXBTC, you could win a Red Envelope with 1-1000 GHS randomly in it after SIGN UP with OXBTC ( For all users, you could win EXTRA Red Envelopes by INVITING your friends to join us. Continue reading “RED ENVELOPES Continue And DISTRIBUTOR RECRUITMENT Ongoing”

RED ENVELOPES For SIGNUP & New Mining Contract Online!

Dear miner friends,

Happy Chinese New Year of Monkey to you all!!

We just had a long holiday for the Chinese Lunar New Year 2016. It’s a period of time when hundreds of million Chinese people rush back to their hometown from all directions of China for a big family gathering.

There are a lot of rituals in the Chinese tradition to celebrate the New Year and we are sharing with you one of them today to give our best wishes to you all!



A red envelope, which includes certain amount of “Fortune Money” in it, is a very common gesture for the elderly to express their wishes to the younger during the New Year. Married people will also give red envelopes to those who are not to wish them luck and fortune. Continue reading “RED ENVELOPES For SIGNUP & New Mining Contract Online!”

One For All – OXBTC Integrated Investment Platform Online

An integrated cryptocurrency investment platform with the world’s highest ROI – OXBTC was officially launched today!

OXBTC provides both Bitcoin/Litecoin deposit and GHS/MHS cloud mining services for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. You can purchase, trade cloud hash power and invest in Bitcoin/Litcoin deposit to enjoy the world’s highest Bitcoin/Litecoin ROI.

OXBTC was founded by several well-established investors in China. We have an experienced R&D team who has been in the cryptocurrency industry for many years. Our long-time experience in Bitcoin mining and farm deployment support our success and leadership in China’s Bitcoin mining industry. 


For OXBTC cloud mining, you can enjoy the highest mining ROI with the price and maintenance fees for GHS/MHS as below:

$0.499/GHS with a maintenance fee of $0.0009/GHS/Day

$13/MHS with a maintenance fee of $0.02/MHS/Day

Benefited by a very competitive electricity cost and the economy of scale, OXBTC has deployed 3 of China’s largest mining farms in Sichuan, Ordos and Inner Mongolia. Till now, OXBTC has been running 5.6 PH/s hashing power with the electricity cost as low as 15 cents per kWH. Backed by partners that bring the most cost efficient Bitcoin/Litecoin miners in the world, OXBTC provides the most stable and profitable cloud mining services.


depositFor deposit investment, you can enjoy a daily interest rate of 0.02% for current deposit and an expected yearly interest of 15% for 30-day fixed deposit! And you can convert fixed deposit to current deposit or vice versa at any time! Flexible investment portfolio provides the most lucrative and convenient financial services for all users.

So what are you still waiting for? Come and join us to experience the integrated investment service of OXBTC! We will deliver the best services and highest ROI for all of you!